• Original Art / Oil canvas  
  • 36" x 48"
  • No Frame



I once walked among the dead. I proudly led others to their grave tasting fleeting moments and chasing the wind. A trail of broken hearts was my signature and wearing a cloak of deception was my only means to feel good about myself. But God never leaves the one behind. He was there in my despair and every time I rejected His hand. "A skull can do nothing for you, but a light will help you steady your walk and get you out of this place you keep falling in." My bruises and blood shot eyes couldn't hide behind my long lashes nor the gold chains and flowing dresses. So I took the leap, I was ready to be crushed, the parts of me that still existed that was. Instead, I was dressed in a royal gown, the darkness dematerialized, the weight lifted and my relationship with Him was restored. The only ones I would lead to death would be to themselves.


Vice Versed

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