• Original Art / Oil canvas  
  • 36" x 48"
  • No Frame



It knows no bound because it gives only what it thinks about itself. It is a vicious cycle that sets the tongue on fire and seeks to escape the prison made of teeth. It can't give life because it has savored death for far too long to know what love tastes like. Gossip will whisper in the ear of the one who doesn't know their value and fails to see the crown on another. Gossip will make broken pacts with lips and open mouths of men like puppets. Gossip passionately promises power and connection yet holds no authority to give its broken commitments and so it ties the glory of man to one another instead of to their Creator. Tapped into a weaker source of value and frequency, they become like one another lost in a hysteria where false accusations and assumptions echo and dwell in the prison of their own minds.



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