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When I was first made aware of the atrocities performed on men, women and children through sex exploitation in 2007 I knew something must be done to make others aware and have the opportunity to help.  

I began on the canvas in collaboration with fund raisers.  In 2014 my husband and I created Sticky Rice Apparel, a brand to which proceeds could help fund various boots-on-the-ground organizations.  In recent years, God has been evolving my ideas into something deeper in empowering girls and women by restoring their identity as Princesses.  It is my pleasure to disrupt the idea that princesses are simply objects of 'beauty' that need to rescued by a prince and retain value through appearance.  A true Princess will not rely on the latest beauty trends, body appreciation, wealth, talent, social affirmation or even pride of ethnicity among many other 'houses' built on sand.

Knowing who you are as a daughter of The King of all kings will change everything.  It will transform the way you think, speak, act and respond to the world around you.  Most of all it will change the way you see yourself and own the strength and courage it takes to serve and lead others through love.

The Princess Project encompasses these beliefs through my art in children's books and fine art.  Please join me as I hope to restore identity in others.  #PrincessesWithPurpose

See inside the book "Princesses With Purpose" HERE.