Princesses With Purpose

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I began creating my first children's book, "Princesses With Purpose", to dedicate to my first born.

During this creative process God has been revealing some things to me. The lack of quality stories that portray His daughters as Princesses in this world are slim. Unfortunately the stories out currently about Princesses have a pretty gnarly foundation of smoke and mirrors, a little pun intended.

God has taken me from a land where whatever I learned along the way with whomever I learned it from was my foundations to build a very uncertain and unstable future for myself. What I lacked was some very foundational keys, a positive role model and resources that empowered the person God had created me to be.

I began praying and brainstorming what it was to be a daughter of the King. While the fruit of a Princess is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control it is wonderful to see those attributes play out in practical everyday living. Thus, I typed out a story to create a space where parents can have open dialogue about heart issues and how to express them.

Everything we think, do and say stems from our view of ourselves. Identity in the unshakable foundation as daughters of the King will empower love to shape the future into eternity.

Book Synopsis

Train up your daughters to become women of sound minds, abounding in love and power. Each page is filled with opportunities for parents to explore with their daughters their royal identity as beloved children of God. Princesses will be affirmed of their unique character and beauty while learning to love and celebrate the extraordinary qualities of her fellow Princesses.


Princesses With Purpose was created to empower, train up and restore Princesses young and old all over the world to rise up and be fruitful in the spirit acting from a solid foundation in identity. Our hopes is to connect families in conversations as well as restore those in need to use their voice in their unique individuality and journey.

Get Involved

For every 100 book bought, we match the purchase by putting a book in every girls hands being restored in a rescue home from human trafficking, girls in orphanages or under privileged schools.  We are also open to donating the books to a charity of the churches choice!  Talk to your youth pastor or shop director, we’d love to make it a possibility for them to be blessing to others!
Not a part of an organization? That's ok! You can join us in raising funds and awareness of the book by taking photos and posting it on social media and posting a review on Amazon!
Also be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as I converse with fellow Mothers on instilling identity into our daughters in July and August!


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