Heaven, Earth and the In-Betweens

Heaven, Earth and the In-Betweens started with a vision of a nude girl covered in a full lamb skin in 2011.  After much time in meditation I decided I would begin this very different color pallet to bring about these ideas I couldn't stop thinking about.  After I completed the girl in "Reversed" the rest of the painting and the series came to mind.  I quickly began to see exactly what these pieces meant to me as I was rummaging up all the old feelings of regret, sorrow, and ultimately redemption in that first piece.  This body is one of my most vulnerable in terms of journaling for the world to see the battles I went throughout college.  I began laying these dead bodies to rest.  Alcoholism, lust, drugs, and lack of discernment travels through these works but the most personal of them all is "Self Deception".  "Self Deception" exudes some of the darkest parts of me.  It reveals the brokenness of my poor choices to seek life without my Creator and the demonic torture it leads to which is ultimately an endless sea of emptiness. Originals for SALE.


Dreams and Scriptures

This dreamlike body of work was an exploration of visions and dreams that depict a level of peace, understanding and resilience to things that would quickly make my spirit tense.  I used the female subject to represent the coexistence of strength and fragility.  These pieces allowed me to experiment with diffused and backlit light to set a mood of enlightenment, warmth, deception and danger.  This body has closed a door I left open.  Originals for SALE.


The Allegory

I believe all our affections are in response to our DNA, what we were created to do.  "The Allegory" is a body of work I feel gives simplicity to some of the most thought provoking scriptures.  I wanted to bring passion and visual depth to some words that kept me in line with my end goal as well as display some of the beautiful mystery and love our Creator has for us.  Originals for SALE.


The Red Letter

Embarking on some allegoric pieces in 2010, "The Red Letter" represents my promise to do my best to keep promises to the ones I love and walk into my purpose.  These came at a time where I was trying to transition my more expressive boldly colored pieces into more of a story of how I related to the world.  My experiences and not just my expression.  At the time I was burnt out from a couple years of art shows and wanted do something that meant more to me, I wanted to go deeper.  This body allowed me to explore lighting, a limited color pallet and the female form.  Originals for SALE.