Ocean Art

The ocean continues to inspire me with all of it's complex beauty, mystery and energy.  Water is an element that can transform, break barriers and give life through it's fertile composition.  Water is often referenced throughout art, science, philosophy and spiritual similes.  The ocean has provided an endless array of imagination where my mind can express fluidity, femininity and the refractive nature through mixed opalescent materials including 24gold, mother of pearl, gold mica, rhinestones, oil paint and resin.  My ocean work has given me the permission to poetically convey without words.  Originals for SALE.


In 2005 I proclaimed to myself that it was time to create something that liberated myself and not try to please family, friends or school.  In my apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco was precisely where I was going to create.  After a week I had created art based on the music I was listening to and was inspired by.  These musicians display a passionate expression of talent that transcends time.  Originals for SALE.


Princesses With Purpose

Leslie began illustrating her first children's book in gouache that characterizes whimsical heart warming scenes of childhood and the early building blocks of relationships.  Below are select pieces from "Princesses With Purpose".  VIDEO